• Start at any location!

  • Get a STAMP CARD.

  • Taste some Rosés & nibbles.

  • Get your card stamped & a special DISCOUNT TICKET.

  • Walk to the next venue!

  • Fill out the back of your STAMP CARD & enter it to WIN A PRIZE!

2019 Woodstock
Rosé Crawl
It's the 50th Anniversary of the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival and we are celebrating with
FOUR Rosé Crawls
between four venues:
Woodstock Wine & Liquors, Colony Woodstock, Station Bar & Curio, & Oriole 9.    
Great for Bachelorette/Bachelor  Birthday parties
Girls Weekend
Dates or Singles.


What are Rosés?

Rosés are pink colored wines made from red wine grapes: grenache, syrah, mourvedre, cincault, cabernet, pinot noir etc. They are DRY young wines that should show a good balance of fruit & acidity. Rosés are made by crushing & macerating the red wine grape skins with the juice for 4 to 72 hours until they get the desired color. Then, it is made the same way as white wine. Provence, France is the epicenter that makes some the best Rosés! Italy, Spain, USA, Portugal, Austria have all begun producing Rosés (Many USA wineries blend red & white grapes to make their Rosés. They don’t follow tradition.) Rosés should be drunk within 3 years & to be served cold.





12pm -5pm



63 Tinker Street

Woodstock, NY 12498


T  /  845-679-2669

​F  /  845-679-6577

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